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3DS MAX Training


    Autodesk 3ds Max Screen Components

  • Introduction with Menu Bar, Toolbars, Command Pane, Viewports, Viewport Navigation Controls, Animation Playback Controls
  • Understanding Controls

  • Flyout, Right-click Menus, Snaps Settings, Units Setup, Setting Grid Spacing
  • Customizing the Hot Keys

  • Customizing the Colors for the User Interface
  • Viewport Navigation Controls

    Selection Techniques


  • Move, Rotate, Scale (Reference, Instance and copy)
  • Creating 3D objects by using Standard Primitives

  • Creating a Box, Sphere, Geosphere, Cylinder, Cone, Tube, Torus, Pyramid, Plane, Teapot
  • Extended Primitives

  • Creating a Hadron, Torus Knot, Chamfer Box, Chamfer Cylinder, Oil Tank, Capsule, Spindle, L-Ext, Gengon, C-Ext, Ring Wave, Hose, Prism
  • Compound Objects

    Boolean, Terrain, Scatter, Connect, Loft, Shape Merge, Conform, ProBoolean, ProCutter

    Working with Mirror, Array, Align, Clone

    Working Pivot Rollout

    Crating a 3d house plan by using AEC Extended Primitives

  • Creating a Wall, Doors, Windows, Stairs, Foliage, and Railing.
  • Adding Modifiers on 3D objects

  • Bend, Taper, Mesh Select, Displace, Extrude, Lathe Modifier, Face Extrude, Lattice, Material, Noise, Twist, MeshSmooth,
  • Tessellate, Push, Normal, Edit Mesh, UVW Map Modifier, FFD (Free-Form Deformation) Modifiers.
  • Creating 2d profiles by using Splines and Extended Splines

  • Creating a Line, Rectangle, Circle, Ellipse, Arc, Donut, NGon, Star, Text, Helix, Section
  • Creating Extended Splines

  • Creating a WRectangle, Channel, Angle, Tee, Wide Flange.
  • Microsoft Office Specialist certification gives you the tools to build a brighter future.
  • Achieve industry-recognized certification.
  • Learn the computing skills companies are looking for.
  • Differentiate yourself from other applicants.
  • Gain valuable experience and confidence.
  • Heighten your earning potential.

    Modifying the Shapes

    Converting the Shapes into Editable Splines

    Sub-object Levels in Editable Spline

    Converting 2D into 3D by using Extrude and Lath modifiers.

    Modifying the 3D Mesh Objects by Using the Modify tab

  • Converting Objects into Editable Mesh
  • Sub-object Levels in Editable Mesh
  • Modifying the Editable Mesh Objects Using the Sub-object Levels
  • Converting Objects into Editable Poly
  • Modifying the Editable Poly Objects Using the Sub-object Levels
  • Converting Objects into Editable Patch
  • Introduction to Lights

    Omni, Target Spot, Free Spot, Target Direct, Free Direct, Skylight Adjusting the color of light, Setting of Hotspot and Falloff.

    Adding special effects

  • Setting fog, volumetric light and flames.

    Introduction to Cameras

  • Creating a Target Camera, Free Camera, Camera Viewport Controls,
  • Align Camera Tool.
  • Adjusting the cameras with field- of- view, Roll, dolly and perspective
  • Materials and Maps

  • Using Material Editor, Menu Bar, Sample Slots, Material Editor Tools,
  • Types of Materials, Types of Maps.
  • Working with material library
  • Creating a new material, Animating Texture with Noise.
  • Changing the Background Color in the Final Output at Rendering

  • Rendering Effects, Assign Render Rollout
  • Introduction to Animation

  • Time Slider and Animation Playback Controls
  • Understanding Animation and Time Controls
  • Introduction to Particle Systems

  • Spray, Snow, Super Spray and Blizzard.
  • Animating lights with colors

    Creating a walkthrough

    Rendering an Animation

    Creation of photo realistic image

    Creating a Video Post

    • X, XII Pass
    • Graduates / Under Graduates
    • ITI, Diploma and B.Tech. Students
    • CAD Operators
    • Product Designers
    • Machine Operators
    • Maintenance Engineers
    • Production Engineers
    • CNC Milling Programming And Operating : Fanuc Entry Level (Course Code : CNC1502)
    • CNC Milling Programming And Operating : Siemens Entry Level (Course Code : CNC1504)
    • CNC Custom Macro Programming : Custom Programmer (Course Code : CNC1506)
    • SolidWORKS + SolidCAM
    • DelCAM PowerMill / FeatureCAM
    • Prerequisites

    • CNC Turning Programming And Operating : Fanuc Entry Level (Course Code : CNC1501)
    • CNC Turning Programming And Operating : Siemens Entry Level (Course Code : CNC1503)